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First Aid Stations

First Aid Stations are a great way to create a central point of first aid provision in your workplace. Our range of first aid station offer different combinations of kits allowing you to choose the station that meets your requirements.

Our combination first aid and eyewash stations are some of the most popular products in our range. Placing first aid eyewash kits in one, highly visible, central location means that first aid is readily available to employees when the need arises. With our larger stations you can also cater for burn injuries and the safe clean up of body fluid spills like vomit or urine. Any of our complete first aid stations are a great choice for any site that wants to offer comprehensive first aid provision for their employees.

The low risk or high risk first aid stations are designed for large environments and combine first aid signage and guidance with a fully stocked first aid kit, plaster, moist wipes and eyewash pod dispenser. These stations ensure first aid provision is readily available without the need for people to open the first aid kit, which saves a huge amount of time checking and restocking first aid boxes.