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Trauma First Aid Kits

Trauma kits are an important part of first aid provision in higher risk environments where more serious injuries are likely to occur.  They are also perfectly suited to large venues and sites as part of their emergency preparedness planning for any type of major incident.

Our Critical Injury Packs all comply with the requirements of the British Standard BS8599 published by the BSI in 2019.  These packs contain both haemostatic dressings and emergency tourniquets to stop major blood loss.  Choose from an individual pack to multi pack bags which can cater for situations where there may be multiple casualties.  Our personal trauma kits contain all these products and some useful extras making it an ideal companion for those working in higher risk activities or travelling in higher risk areas.

Specific decontamination kits are designed for the treatment of casualties after ‘acid-attacks’ or attacks with other dangerous chemicals.